In so many ways, “you get what you accept” is such a powerful, yet simple, quote. By that measure, it is no wonder that it ranks among my favourite quotes.

I firmly believe in giving credit where it is due, so you need to be made aware of the person that first shared the above profound quote with me – Chris Oliver, Head Coach of the University of Windsor men’s basketball team ( ). Chris is a dear friend, an incredible coach, a dedicated family man, and an even better person.

To Chris, I am grateful for so many opportunities, including writing posts for his coaching blog. Whether you are looking for basketball, sport, coaching, nutrition, or life wisdom, you need to read the many gems that Chris offers via his Twitter feed – or @Chris__Oliver.

“You get what you accept.”

So true in all facets of life – business, volunteerism, school, politics, social clubs, athletics, etc. If we accept a high standard, we will be rewarded with results consistent with that standard. If we accept that other people can talk over us, and detract from our message, then we will not be heard. If we only accept a best effort, then we will receive exactly that – no less. Think about it.

“You get what you accept.”